Fire Engineering Solutions

Encompasses fire protection engineering which aims on 'DSM - Detection, Suppression and Mitigation. Fire safety engineering focuses on human behaviour and maintaining adequate environment for evacuation in the event of fire.

Fire Prevention work closely with architects, developers and the owners on new build and refurbishment projects to assess strength of the building and to provide innovative solutions to protect the property in the event of fire.

We specialize in providing consultancy on industrial and building fire safety. We provide a array of services including investigation, design, project management and commissioning.

We constantly seek to achieve quality in all aspects of our business and we focus on contributing sustainable and pioneering designs which are cost effective, implementable and maintainable.

Our support extended in all aspects of fire management & engineering solutions includes:

Learning Outcomes:
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Fire Detection systems
  • Passive Fire protection system - permanent escape routes, refuges with communication system, fire resistant fittings and decors and compartmentation.
  • Active Fire protection system - Suppression, manual call points, portable fire extinguisher and sprinklers systems.
  • Managerial Fire protection system - developing fire safety procedures, conducting training and drills, regular inspections and appropriate signage to locate emergency services.

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