Who can take IOSH Working Safely?

IOSH Working Safely is designed for all level of employees from any domain/organization and meets the statutory requirement for basic health and safety training. The course is specifically designed for Health and Safety Executive's Passport syllabus. Everyone who works on the ground must know that they have health and safety responsibility, they must have a clear understanding of what they must do for 'work safely' - and this course exactly what they need on the ground.

IOSH Working Safely

A new dimension for health and safety training:

IOSH WS sessions are filled with fun to induce the delegates to get the full attention and involvement.

  • One day course covering the basics of health and safety in the high impact interactive package.
  • A clear delegate workbook with sections for notes and Q & A sections and numerous simple custom designed illustrations.
  • Awesome quality animated graphic presentations - eye-catching.
  • No technical Jargons, Content based on what delegates need to know in day to day practice rather than legal language.
  • Clear scenarios from actual work situations to drive home on practical points.
  • Assessments were put together on the same day, no need to follow-on for test on next day.

Upon successful completion of assessment, the delegates who qualified will be awarded IOSH MS Certification.

What does the course cover?

IOSH Working safely covers the method of working safely, common workplace hazards and a risk, assessments and hazard spotting exercises, board games and quizzes.

Working Safely covers:
Module 1: Introducing Working Safely
Module 2: Defining Hazard and Risk
Module 3: Identifying Common Hazards
Module 4: Improving Safety Performance
Module 5: Protecting our Environment

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